Thursday, March 18, 2010

SkyWatch Friday ~ Super Sky

We might be in Smallville, Toto.
Superman like sky. This was taken with my cell phone driving home this week.

the warm weather has brought with it spooooooky skies.

this just reminded me of something tropical and mysterious. This was my attempt at catching one of the warmest evenings we've experienced since fall at my favorite time of night (when the sky to the west is colorful and bright and to the east it's pitch black....and there is a beautiful mosaic of blues in between.

My second job is at Hollister Co. One perk about this job is the HUGE TVs that display the live feed from Huntington Beach, California. Last night, while working the closing shift. It was 10:08 EST and 7:08 PST when the sun was in the midst of its brilliant color display in the west coast sky. Having finished folding down the store, I watched in awe the amazing sky of fire until it went mostly dark at 10:17 EST and 7:17 PST.

It was AMAZING getting to see a the sunset live from 3,000 miles away.

for more gorgeous photos....


  1. Love that first photo - very X-files!

    We went to Huntington beach on our honeymoon, what feels like a lifetime ago - would love some of the sun now. Very clever mosiac xo

  2. Those are some spooky skies, Amanda, but terrific photos! Amazing what we can do with cell phones these days, isn't it! Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. Hi Amanda! Oh... uhhmm taking pictures while driving huh! no more comments about that on my blog LOL

    Wow... I took pictures from my sunroof the other day! we're nuts! {you must get that from me ;o}

    I can't believe you work another job after teaching all day~ God Bless You!

    Very cool and SPOOKY pictures, Amanda!
    I love your Calif. sunset collage!
    worthy of a frame!
    ~love you~

  4. Pretty and eerie at the same time.

  5. really spooky,i remember one of my post on my father's funeral just same as spooky and dramatic as these....your photos are great!

  6. Lovely. The first shot is intriguing.

  7. Hi Amanda,
    Those first few skies remind me of the setting for an alien invasion. Be careful coming home from work!!

  8. whoa, that first one came out pretty cool lookin - nice ! i love the dark blue!