Thursday, March 11, 2010

SkyWatch Friday ~ Clearer Skies

Warmer, Sunnier, Brighter... almost spring?
These flowers aren't actually blooming yet... we saw them at our local greenhouse garden show! But, it was a great reminder of what's to come.beautiful skies!
and after our TONS of snowfall, we finally saw clear skies and temperatures in the 50s.
Took this during a date night with Red. The sky was so pink and red.... and the sailors delighted with WARM weather!!!! The feet and feet of snow has begun to melt!

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  1. that is very lovely skies and beautiful flower...
    thanks for your visit and hope to see you again!
    have a nice weekend!

  2. Beautiful sunset over the water. I hope your date night with Red was superb.

  3. The second picture is my fav! Have a lovely SWF.:)

  4. I just love that lovely yellow bouquet of flowers, Amanda!
    It's so welcoming.
    Couldn't have been more grateful for the weather we had this week!
    Actually ... if we could have taken one or two of those walks through the village together, it would have been the sprinkles on top!
    lots of love ~ mom

  5. What a gorgeous color! I love Spring flowers!
    Your sky looks very much like ours this past week.
    Our snow is slowly going away, forever I hope!

  6. Beautiful shots. The sunset shot is fantastic.

  7. Enjoyed visiting your blog. Beautiful skies for sure.

  8. Your reward for all that snow is those lovely skies, Amanda. The one cloud reminds me of an exclamation point. Enjoy the weekend.

  9. Great series of photos, the flowers are pretty and the last sky shot is beautiful.