Thursday, February 25, 2010

SkyWatch Friday ~ "Snowicane"

This Week is a Snow Watch!!!
it snowed all night Tuesday into Wednesday... we got
dismissed from school early, and then a SNOW DAY Wednesday!!!
we had hardly any snow left on the ground before this storm... now it's piled high!
...roads are slick...
trees are falling... thousands are with out power! Thick & heavy snow!
some action image of the snow
beautiful, but dangerous!

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  1. Amanda, I thought your first photo was of stars and then I realized, it's snowing again where you live. Stay cozy and safe - enjoy your bit of time off school. I love the footprint photo!

  2. Hi Amanda~
    Oh I do love your footprints picture... wish mine were there too ;o)
    Make me some of that autumn harvest coffee too!
    ♥ Lots of ♥
    ps. Do stop up at Barb's blog... she posted such pretty wedding pics!
    O Wow... my word verification is Califi :)

  3. Oh I love snow-i-cane... just noticed that ;o)

  4. All over this year has had plenty of snow to watch. You captured some pretty sights at your place.

  5. Our winter was like that last year. We had no power at our house for 7 days, some folks went with out electricity for a was really something. Stay warm. Beautiful photos:)

  6. Boy, have you got the snow this year. I hope it is about done for you. We need a few more spring snow showers.

  7. All the shots are superb but, I'd like to give a special mention to the 2nd and the 4th shots! Beautiful!

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